From the vine to wine

We have always been concerned to marry modernity with tradition in order to best illustrate our passion.
The way each grape variety expresses itself is most important and guides our work throughout the winemaking process.

Our vineyard is worked using the minimum of intervention ; based on working the soils, grassing of certain parcels to limit erosion and make the vines easier to get to. Keeping a close eye on the vine stock, the leaves and vegetation, and the grapes, on a regular basis enables the reduction of necessary treatments and results in less soil compaction.

The grapes are still harvested manually, using thirty or so cutters. To uphold the quality of the grapes we ensure that the harvesters carefully select each bunch (health of the bunch, state of maturity, etc).

Our work done in the vines allows each vine reach its full potential. This investment of time pays off at harvest, without forgetting all the other little hands which are involved during the year.

Back in the winery, we try hard to conserve all the finesse and complexity of the fruit, as well as the identity of our “terroirs”.