The roots of the vineyard


The Jura wine region, situated between Burgundy and Switzerland is called The Revermont. Our vineyard, crossed by the Wine Trail, has a rugged outline with altitudes of between 200 and 400 metres. As a result of this, the combes and steep slopes sometimes oblige us to cultivate on terraces.

Pinot Noir and Chardonnay adapt themselves well to many different soil types.Savagnin appreciates blue marls or grey Triassic schists.Trousseau needs warm gravelly soils or marls that are not too deep.Ploussard prefers soils that are marl or clays with an overall preference for red and lias marls.We used to plant several different grape varieties on the same parcel in order to balance out the deficiencies. However, with time, and following observation and a better knowledge of our soils, we have learned that certain varieties grow better in different “terroirs”, and this helps us to determine the quality and authenticity of our wines.


The average temperature in the vineyard is between 11 and 13 degrees centigrade, with 1750 to 1900 hours of sunshine each year and an annual rainfall of 1150mm. With a semi-continental climate, a hard winter or heavy spring rains make little difference to the regularity of the seasons here.